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(Most frequently asked questions)

Below are the answers regarding scheduling, cancellation and payment policies.

Schedule Your Class

Classes must be scheduled at least 48 hours beforehand.

For booking, kindly contact me at:

Facebook messenger

How to Cancel Your Appointment

Should you need to cancel your appointment,

please get in touch with me at:

Facebook messenger

Late Cancellations/No-Shows

Cancellations must be done 24 hours or more before an appointment, or else, will be subject to the payment of the half class price. 

I will always wait 15 minutes in class for a missing student, in case of no-show, will be subject to paying half of the class price.

How to Know Your Spanish-Level

If you have already learned Spanish, during the first 15 minutes of free class, I will determine your level according to the level discussed earlier.

How to Proceed with Payment

We receive payments via international transfers or Wise.

(no other banking methods accepted)

Due to the possible costs via international transfers, foreign students prefer to buy classes in packs of 10/15 classes. However, this is not required.

Non-Refundable Payments

Once the lessons are paid, they are non-refundable.

In the case of group classes, the sum of the non-consumed classes would be replaced by individual classes.

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