Who Am I?

Language Professional

I've always been drawn to language learning acquisition and cultures, because I’ve always enjoyed learning languages and the different approach to life that each culture has. Given this, I came to the conclusion of studying Languages and Cultures at Universidad de Granada. There, I learnt Spanish teaching, Chinese and Japanese.

During my undergraduate years, I gained informal experience in language acquisition through helping international students in several language exchanges, enjoying my passion and ex my knowledge.

After graduation, I decided that I wanted to share my enthusiasm throughout the world, travelling to Taiwan acquiring some formal experience for two years as a Spanish teacher. 

Following those beautiful years becoming an experienced teacher, I developed my own approach on teaching thus I decided to start my own project: Teaching real Spanish.

Actual, Inclusive and Modern Spanish, without never ever forgetting its roots. The Spanish language is a very homogeneous mix of Latin, Greek and some Arabic. Thus, if you really enjoy studying languages, I assure you we will have a blast together!

If you wish to know more, down below is my LinkedIn account.

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