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Who Am I?

Language Professional

I've always been drawn to language learning acquisition and cultures, because I always enjoyed learning languages and the different approaches to life that each culture has. Given this, I came to the conclusion of studying Languages and Cultures at Universidad de Granada. There, I learnt Spanish teaching, Chinese and Japanese.

During my undergraduate years, I gained informal experience in language acquisition through helping international students in several language exchanges, enjoying my passion and exploiting my knowledge.

After graduation, I decided that I wanted to share my enthusiasm throughout the world, travelling to Taiwan acquiring some formal experience for two years as a Spanish teacher. 

Following those beautiful years becoming an experienced teacher, I developed my own approach on teaching thus I decided to start my own project: Teaching real Spanish.

Real, Inclusive and Modern Spanish, without never ever forgetting its roots. The Spanish language is a very homogeneous mix of Latin, Greek and some Arabic. Although, not only that! I will help you understand contemporary Spanish.

 Thus, as well as if you love learning new languages or you want to gather a new language for future work or studies, I assure you we will have a blast together!

If you wish to know more, down below is my LinkedIn account.

Thank you for your interest!

Lucía Peña (陸語燕)

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