On this part of Spanish product reviews I am going to review one of most known Spanish Learning software you can find in the market today. Rosetta Stone has started its way somewhere around year 2000, and keep updating new versions regularly. Rosetta Stone offers software that makes the process of learning both easy and fun. It uses the same method you have experienced as a child and have learnt your mother tongue – It teaches you Spanish words with image and word association.

If you want to learn Spanish for business, everyday activities or to strengthen your résumé, using Spanish software is a smart thing. Spanish is spoken throughout the world and is very common in the USA and Europe. The number of Spanish-speaking individuals in the United States is in an ever-increasing rate.

But more important, if you are like me and you LOVE to travel, it certainly helps to know how to have a conversation in Spanish, especially when you are touring countries where this is the language of most of the population. Knowing you ways in Spanish get definitely increase your enjoyment in the upcoming vacation.

With over 30 languages and more than 100,000 units sold a year you’ll find out shortly whether the product has stood the test of time and quality, and now is a viable method for learning to speak Spanish fluently! ¿Estás listo? Are you ready? Then let’s do it! ¡Vamos a hacerlo!

What’s Good About Rosetta Stone?

As been said in my other reviews – the best way to speak Spanish Fluently, as a non-speaking, is to live in Spanish speaking countries. By that you meet and converse with real Spanish speakers in your own town.
I believe that most people can’t really stop their life and move to live in another country.


Rosetta Stone Spanish

Rosetta Stone software comes to give another but similar solution. The Rosetta Stone software uses a combination of images, text, and sound, with difficulty levels increasing as the student progresses, in order to teach various vocabulary terms and grammatical functions intuitively. According to the company, the software is designed to teach languages the way first language is learned, or as they describe it, learn a language the way you learned as a child. They call this the “Dynamic Immersion method”.

How does it work

By eliminating translation and grammar explanations from language learning, your own natural language-learning ability is activated. If forces you begin the same way you learned your first language and think from the very begininning in your new language.
Step by step, you will work with the software by connecting words with images to confirm their meaning—all through a carefully designed sequence.That way you build grammatically-accurate language.


Speech-Recognition Technology

Unlike videos or books, Rosetta Stone’s method is all about interaction. At every step of the learning process, your understanding of the new language is being tested. In every lesson you will get the opportunity to develop language skills achieved —listening, speaking, reading, and writing— the speech-recognition technology compares your pronunciation to native Spanish speakers and corrects you with immediate feedback so you can polish it.

If you exceed the program’s expectations. you will proceed with lessons . Otherwise, The program automatically notifies you when it’s time to repeat the Review activity. In other words, this feature helps you transfer what you’ve learned in previous lessons and arrange it in your long-term memory.

Check this Video to see a short Demonstration:


How Rosetta Stone can be better

As you probably know, no language learning method is perfect. No language learning is able to cover every aspect of learning process. Each system chooses its own point for focus – and this is why I think trying a demo (if available) to check if you like it or not, is highly recommended.
Here you can find what are the things should be considered before you purchase Rosetta Stone:

No Translation

I heard some people complained due to the fact there is no English translation. When you see on the screen a word in Spanish, you can’t find a translated English word. I know it is can be important to some people – If they could add a small button to the software that gives an immediate translation to the words and phrases, it will solve that issue.
I personally think is it a good way to learn better the language by using your logic as well.

Check this example lesson to see if you find it Good/Bad :

Cultural Information

During the ongoing lessons, I did not find any cultural information or reference of the Spanish speaking countries.
I bought the Rosetta Stone Spanish set for one clear goal: to prepare myself for the journey to South America, so I can hold a conversation in Spanish with the locals and will not have the risk .

I think there is more than enough room to add, somewhere in this big amount of discs package, some cultural references regard some staring countries.

Conclusion-Should you Buy Rosetta Stone?

In my Rosetta Stone reviews I did my best to be honest & open and wrote my point of view on a product I’ve tried myself first.

For complete beginners I would say it is a great way to extend your basic vocabulary the include first words such as hola, adios and buenos dias then Rosetta Stone is the right software for teaching you the structure you need to be able to speak fluent Spanish.

Despite the few shortcomings mentioned above, I absolutely believe that this is the Best Value For Money for learning to speak Spanish.
Millions of learners around the world have discovered a new language with the Rosetta Stone software.

With the offer of 6-Month No-risk Money Back Guarantee on all Rosetta Stone CD-Rom products purchased direct from Rosetta Stone, it sound like a great deal to me.
Isn’t it Great?

You can buy Rosetta Stones on Amazon which also includes 2 bonus CD’s for absolute beginners!

Until our next review, adiós amigos!

Rosetta Stone Customer

Rosetta Stone Spanish

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  1. bharat thapa says:

    I am using it to learn spanish(latin american) just yesterday i finished my level one, so far i feel i can hold very basic conversation but still i have 4more levels to go, i hope after finishing them all i would be standing somewhere close to atleast be able to hold a convesation properly.

    Ya Sé que es dificil pero no hay problema conmigo, no sé es bueno o no pero, sé que va a ayudarme mucho.
    cuándo una persona quiere hacer algo y comienza, esa persona puede hacer todo del mundo.
    Es la verdad, tienes que creer a mi.
    Sólo necesita ser honesto con tu paciencia y con lo que quieres.

    Buena suerte.(I know it’s not perfect but i just tried it.)

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